Black Denim Military Inspired Shoulder Strap Corset


Size: 36

Bust: 44″ – 50″

Waist: 39″ – 40″

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This sturdy overbust has wide, elasticated straps for security and peace of mind. Offering sturdy bust support, with no need for a bra underneath, this military style corset combines the glamour of gold embroidery with the softness and support of black denim. Offering a waist reduction of up to four inches, this is a flattering, firm and supportive corset.

~ Regular Length, Overbust, Shoulder Straps

~ Cord Lacing, Hip Gores, Steel Busk

~Sweetheart Bustline

~ Fully Adjustable Structured Corset with Criss Cross Lacing

~features Modesty Panel

~Strong Corset Cord Lacing

~Strong Waist Tape

~6 Suspender Loops

~Outer Material: 100% Denim

~ Lining: 100% Cotton twill

~ 10x4mm Lightweight Spiral Steel Bones, 4 x 7mm Lightweight Flat Steel Bones

~Busk Length: 14” (all Corset Sizes)


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