Sex & Mischief Shadow Sparkle Collar and Cuff Set


Cuffs fit up to about 4″/10cm in maximum diameter, collar fits up to abut 7″/19.8cm in neck diameter and the leash/connector chain is 30″/he leash is 37″/7602cm

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If you and your partner have a little bondage play experience under your belts, we’re willing to bet that you’ve got a pair of cuffs, a collar, and maybe a leash somewhere in the toy drawer. What you may not have, though (and if you have none of these things, listen up!), is a collar, cuff and leash set perfectly designed to be used together.

The¬†Sparkle Collar and Cuff Set from Sex & Mischief combines three key pieces of sparkly bdsm fantasy gear into one handy little package. Inside, you’ll find an adjustable velco collar complete with rugged O-ring leash connector, a pair of matching velcro cuffs and a nice long chain that can be used as a leash or to connect the cuffs and collar together.

Each piece can be detached from the others and played with alone, but together, the trifecta definitely won’t disappoint! In PVC and poly blend, the Shadow Sparkle Collar and Cuff Set should be spot cleaned as needed. Nickel free


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